Motherlode Canyon Band

Welcome to the Show

We’ve never been happier with our music and are getting back to our roots …. including more acoustic guitars and stand up bass in our shows. It’s an aspect that many of you remember from our early days which grew out of the coffee house beginnings of the group. We’ve come full circle …. with a twist. It’s fun to rock the house with acoustic guitars.

This acoustic version of MCB is starting to appear in more initmate settings. If you’re interested in a MCB house concert or smaller show, send us your e-mail and we’ll make sure you get an invite. If you’re interested in hosting a show, let us know. They’re a lot of fun for 35-40 people.

THANKS to all our friends, fans, followers and those who just stumble onto us! You have packed the places we play and we appreciate you and are continually amazed that so many of you come out to see us. The venues know you come and are always glad to have us perform in their places. Thanks for being ‘Lodies.

The evolution of Motherlode goes on and we want to thank all of you for sticking with us through all the changes through the years. We’ll keep it coming ………